DeShaun Watson will reportedly throw at Scouting Combine

Clemson quarterback DeShaun Watson will run and throw at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine in preparation for the 2017 NFL Draft…

After passing on an invitation to participate in the 2017 Reese’s Senior Bowl, Clemson Tigers quarterback DeShaun Watson will reportedly throw and work out at the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine…

This is, in my opinion, a smart move for Watson. There’s nothing he really has to prove at the Scouting Combine that is going to tell NFL teams what they don’t already know, but if I were an NFL head coach, I would love that my franchise quarterback is taking every opportunity to compete.

That is why on some level, I questioned his decision not to participate in the Senior Bowl, especially because he was an exception as a redshirt junior. While I certainly won’t hold that against him, it’s great to hear that Watson will put his talent on display at the Combine, both running and throwing.

One of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in this year’s draft class, Watson is someone that could very well blow people away with his performance in the 40-yard dash and other metrics athletically.

Watson’s athletic ability has made him one of the most exciting dual-threat quarterbacks in the country the past three years, leading Clemson to two National Championship appearances and a victory in the most recent one against Alabama. The Heisman finalist saved some of his best on-field performances for the biggest games he played in, including two dominant performances in National Championship games.

Some quarterbacks choose to pass on throwing at the Combine because it’s a chance to potentially look bad on a national stage. There is really no chemistry between quarterbacks and receivers, and I guess the thought is that lukewarm publicity is better than potentially bad publicity, if a quarterback were to show errant accuracy.

Watson throwing at the Combine is good news, and he’s right. If any major questions arise from his Combine performance, people can go back and watch his college tape, where he helped lead Clemson to a lot of wins.

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