DeSean Jackson makes unreal catch for first down (Video)

Washington Redskins DeSean Jackson made an unbelievable grab at his shoelaces to get a huge first down for the Redskins against the Carolina Panthers.

The Washington Redskins needed a big play from their offense down 23-9 to the visiting Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football. They kind of got that play from wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Jackson would make one of the most unbelievable catches of the season to get a first down for the Redskins. His 15-yard reception from quarterback Kirk Cousins helped the Redskins extend their drive to get a field goal. He caught this one by his shoelaces!

This grab by Jackson definitely makes up for another certain first down catch he dropped from Cousins earlier. The ridiculous catch by Jackson was initially ruled incomplete. However, after one look at the replay, the ball did not touch the ground. Jackson maintained possession of the football through the catch while getting both feet in bounds.

It would have been third and four for Cousins and the Redskins offense if head coach Jay Gruden did not challenge the official’s initial ruling. Getting only a field goal out of this possession doesn’t seem like a lot, but Washington only trailed Carolina by 11 points heading into the fourth quarter.

Cousins has been shaky all night, but has begun to make some plays in the short to medium passing game after two costly turnovers earlier in the game. Losing tight end Jordan Reed to an in-game ejection doesn’t help the Redskins should they get into the red zone at any point.

However, Jackson and Pierre Garcon have looked good for most of this game as possession receivers. That’s not what they normally do in the Washington offense, but they will need to continue to move the chains if the Redskins want to still be the No. 6 seed entering Week 16. A loss would put Washington back of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6) for the last NFC Playoff spot.

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