Denver Broncos tried to get Ronnie Hillman, what’s next?

The Denver Broncos reportedly tried to claim running back Ronnie Hillman off of waivers. He is heading to San Diego, so what’s next?

So the Denver Broncos reportedly placed a claim on running back Ronnie Hillman, recently waived by the Minnesota Vikings…

Hillman was the leading rusher for the Broncos last season, and the team has been faced with some tough decisions due to the injury suffered by C.J. Anderson. Anderson, who is progressing well in his recovery from meniscus surgery, is expected back at some point late in the season or for the playoffs.

In the meantime, the Broncos placed a claim on Hillman, likely seeking some diversity in the running game with a lot of power and not a lot of speed. Hillman is also familiar with the offense, and has played a critical role for this team over the last couple of years.

Not everyone in Broncos Country was on board for a reunion with Hillman, remembering only the bad times. Despite the number of mental errors Hillman had with the Broncos, he was a major contributor last season, and would have been a welcomed re-acquisition in my eyes.

Since the Broncos missed on Hillman, I’m just wondering out loud if the team might be willing to make another waiver claim at the running back position with Bishop Sankey getting waived by the Kansas Chiefs.

This would make sense for a number of reasons.

The Broncos play the Chiefs this week, and twice over the course of the rest of the season. Sankey could theoretically provide some valuable intel, no matter how big or small. They are also trying to add some kind of help at the running back position, and as a prospect, I don’t think Sankey is beyond reclamation. He was a good prospect coming out of Washington, and hasn’t done well so far in the league.

If the Broncos are looking for help at running back, and a little edge against the Chiefs this coming Sunday night, perhaps Sankey could be the right fit.

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