Denver Broncos: Trevor Siemian Named Team Captain

The Denver Broncos named Trevor Siemian for the second-half of the season sealing the quarterback’s place on the depth chart until further notice.

Player’s vote who dons the “C” on the shoulder and there is no person on the roster criticized more than Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Trevor Siemian. He is a game manager, but unlike Alex Smith he is not afraid to take chances every once and awhile. Siemian named captain proves his quiet, poised confidence rubbed off on his teammates.

Furthermore, this is a big hurdle for Paxton Lynch if he was to see the field in 2016. Lynch is the 2016 first-round draft pick to be the team’s future quarterback. Yet, Siemian’s record in his first full season should not be overlooked.

Siemian shows ability to throw the deep ball, but on third and long he needs to throw it past the sticks. He is also making better decisions than Peyton Manning last year. If it is not broke do not fix it for now, but there is a chance it can change.

It is not good news for the Lynch fan club; therefore, it is up to them to ride the saddle of Trevor Siemian for 2016. Now Siemian and the Broncos’ offense look to Oakland for an away matchup in a primetime game for the division lead.

Let’s get some fan reaction to the decision:

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