Denver Broncos: Preseason finale huge for Kapri Bibbs

The Denver Broncos are in a tight numbers game at the running back position, and the fourth preseason game will be a big opportunity for Kapri Bibbs…

The Denver Broncos have the luxury and curse of one of the deepest teams in the NFL, and Kapri Bibbs once again has himself on the cusp of the 53-man roster.

It’s a great situation for the Broncos to be in with their depth at the position, but it’s a really tough spot to have to choose between someone like Bibbs, fellow former undrafted free agent Juwan Thompson, and former third round pick Ronnie Hillman.

The Broncos know for sure they are keeping at least three backs on this roster, starting with C.J. Anderson and rookies Devontae Booker and Andy Janovich. What isn’t settled yet is how the roster will shake up after this.

The fourth preseason game is going to be critical for Bibbs, but it’s also going to be huge for players like Thompson and Hillman who are vying for roster spots perhaps not just in Denver but around the league.

It’s one more shot for these guys to stand out, and one reason why I absolutely love the final game of the preseason. Jobs and careers are on the line, and as scary as that is for some, it brings out the best in a lot of these guys and we get to see some really gutsy performances.

This isn’t Bibbs’ first rodeo, and perhaps on many other rosters, he would already have a roster spot sealed. He’s done everything to this point that the coaches in Denver have asked of him, including become a special teams ace. He’s proven his worth in that regard, constantly putting himself in the camera frame on kick coverage, making tackles and proving he is capable of helping this team.

The argument with Denver Broncos fans has always been whether or not the team should keep Ronnie Hillman around, and because Hillman doesn’t play special teams, Bibbs has the advantage in overall versatility. However, to this point, Hillman has been the far superior ball carrier and was the leading rusher on the Broncos last season.

Hillman was given a contract extension this offseason prior to the Broncos having Devontae Booker fall into their laps in the fourth round of the draft, which has created this conundrum.

Not only does Bibbs have to prove his worth on special teams, but he has to show the Broncos that he can provide them depth at the running back position, and right now, the edge is clearly in favor of Hillman. The question for Gary Kubiak and John Elway is whether or not the Broncos want to keep the guy who can/will contribute to the offense, or the guy who will contribute to the special teams.

Bibbs has consistently done pretty well in preseason action with the Broncos, and Hillman made a bit of a statement in the team’s win over the Rams. This will be one of the more intriguing battles to monitor in Thursday night’s game.

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