Oops! Sports Illustrated’s cover accidently caught blatant Broncos foul

Brock Osweiler is 2-0 as a starter -- with a little help from this obvious choke hold.
Chris Humphreys/Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Tons of Patriots fans are up in arms about a handful of conspicuous no-calls last Sunday night.

Magazine covers like this one probably won't soothe them:

That's Dominique Easley getting choked out but a yet-unspecified blocker. But chances are, it was Broncos center Matt Paradis, who struggled to block anyone all game.

The good news is that Osweiler's cover is a regional one. Paul from Pawtucket won't be able to pick a copy up at his local Star Market.

(h/t Sports Illustrated on Twitter)

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