Denver Broncos: Keep or Let Kayvon Webster Walk?

With free agency under a month away, I take a look at Kayvon Webster and see if the Denver Broncos should retain him or let him test free agency.

We continue on this series of in-house Denver Broncos players that are set to hit the market once March 9th rolls around.

Today, we will look at an underrated member of the No Fly Zone.

Kayvon Webster has been such a huge asset to the Denver Broncos in regards to his play on Special Teams.

Even on defense when his name was called up due to injuries to other players, he showed that he was ready to take on the role.

In regards to his future with the Denver Broncos, it may not last forever.

Webster will be an unrestricted free agent on March 9th.  His rookie contract is up.

Kayvon Webster has made it clear that he will be testing the free agency market. He is looking to become a starter and to get a bit higher of a payday.

The way I see it, there are two questions to ask in this situation.

Are the Broncos willing to pay him?

Is Kayvon Webster going to have a bigger role on the team next year?

To answer the second question, I just do not see it happening. The only way that happens is John Elway decides to trade one of the starting corner backs.

Chris Harris Jr. is not happening. He will stay.

That leaves Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby. There is no way the Broncos would part with the top corner back in the league.

And I honestly believe that Bradley Roby’s youth could keep him in Denver unless the team gets blown away with a trade offer.

There is no doubt on how well Kayvon Webster has been for the Broncos, especially on special teams.

But this seems to be the same situation as what David Bruton Jr. had last year. Webster is looking to start and have a bigger role.

I honestly would not blame Kayvon in this situation.

So, keep Kayvon Webster or let him walk? I will say let him test free agency and see what happens. If he returns, awesome. If not, there will be no hard feelings from me.

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