Denver Broncos: John Elway’s 7th Best Roster Move

It is the kicking and screaming attitude John Elway tries to find on defense and one exemplifies it, in his number 7th best Denver Broncos roster move.

In 2012 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos moved up and down first round before backing out to draft Cincinnati Bearcat Derek Wolfe. Wolfe brings energy and a motor that will not stop. Yet, he brought a kicking and screaming mentality John Elway needed for the defense.

Much like Chris Harris Jr., Wolfe created forefront of the physical play on the Broncos defensive line. It is a frame of mind every player on the defense plays with under Wade Phillips: the DEFWU attitude. Elway played his entire career with a chip on his shoulder carrying over to the current roster.

Understandably, the underrated player of the Broncos defense is Derek Wolfe. A strong human being that plays with his hair on fire and terrific balance. Wolfe is versatile enough to play defensive end or defensive tackle; however, the knack for knocking passes down at the line of scrimmage is unstoppable.

It is one thing to talk a big game, but if there is no action behind those words it is meaningless. Derek Wolfe is a talker, yet the play on the field backs up his talk. There are numerous players in the NFL who do the same thing, but for Wolfe he is the face of the defensive line because of it. Sacking quarterbacks is one thing. Sacking first ballot Hall of Famer in Tom Brady the way he did last season exemplifies the very nature of Wolfe.

Also, Wolfe pushes piles with force and tenacity. There were many scouts and experts that questioned the move to draft the Bearcat Wolfe. Pretty sure those same scouts are eating crow every time Wolfe sacks or makes incredible plays every Sunday.

Furthermore, Elway’s brilliance continues to amaze to draft players no one-saw coming. In exact same round of 2016, he drafted Adam Gotsis of Georgia Tech to be the potential future replacement to Jackson. Time will tell if it happens, but there should be no doubts about Elway finding about defensive talent.

Executive John Elway pushes the kicking and screaming attitude to the Denver Broncos. This is a key Elway looks for in a player. One could argue it is in the job description. Wolfe fits the bill of what Elway wants in a player. What better team to play for then the Broncos.

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