Denver Broncos Fanzone: Interview with Lisa Howard

It is time for a new Denver Broncos Fanzone interview. This week, I sat down with Lisa Howard and got her takes on the Denver Broncos.

The Denver Broncos are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. It is a rare Christmas Day matchup.

However, this game is going to have some serious playoff implications. With a loss and either a Baltimore Ravens or Miami Dolphins win, the Broncos will no longer be able to defend the crown.

Therefore, the Denver Broncos are going to need to prevent the Kansas City Chiefs from getting ahead early on.

The Broncos will keep their playoff hopes alive if they can defeat their longtime rivals.

With so many injuries to the Broncos this season, it will be considered a successful season if they can find some way to get into the postseason.

Can the defense do the job without T.J. Ward and possibly Derek Wolfe? Broncos Country sure hopes so.

In this week’s edition of the Broncos Fanzone, I got to chat with Lisa Howard. One of the many fans of the Denver Broncos, I got to see what she thinks of the season to this point.

The Denver Broncos suffered another loss. What would you say is the biggest reason behind the loss?

I’d say it’s the offense. They don’t have a top five QB that will mask a running game. Trevor isn’t a top 5 qb. Trevor has potential to get better but he’s not throwing bombs like Aaron Rodgers. I’m not knocking him it’s just the reality. That does not mean Paxton Lynch should be in.
With playoffs still a possibility, what do you believe this team needs to do to win the final two games to have a shot?

Do not turn the ball over.  They’re not elite enough on offense to overcome negative turnover differentials.  

If you throw a red zone pick and they score it’s a 14 point swing. They don’t have an elite offense to dig themselves out of that hole easily. They can’t muff punts or fumble that ball and expect to win.

They’re going to win close games by playing mistake free football and letting the defense keep the other team under 20.
What is your favorite Denver Broncos memory of all time?

My first game at Mile High was 2014 for my 40th birthday and Denver played Arizona. It was a blast and they won.

The Denver Broncos take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Christmas Day in Arrowhead. The Broncos have struggled against the Chiefs on the road in December. What should the Broncos do differently against the Chiefs this time to get a win?

Score more points, limit penalties in that loud stadium, good protection and good communication are key. The Broncos need to block Justin Houston. Max protect, leave your running back in, double team. Do whatever you have to do to block him.
Which Broncos player is your X-Factor for this game? How do you think this game plays out?

My X factor is Jordan Taylor because he’s going to get plenty of man to man match ups.  Alex Smith doesn’t get across mid field and final score my score is 21-19 Broncos. Yes 2 td’s, 2 fg’s and a missed extra point for the Chiefs.

Thank You Lisa for taking some time out for the interview. Hopefully the Denver Broncos can pull out a big win!

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