Denver Broncos Fanzone: Interview with Donte Calarco

As the Denver Broncos take on the Tennessee Titans this weekend, I got to chat with Donte Calarco and get her takes on the game this weekend and the Broncos.

A battle for a leg up in the AFC Playoff race has the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans playing each other in order to get a leg up in the race for the playoffs.

As of now, both teams are in third place in their divisions. A win for either team will put them within striking distance of a competition for it.

As it stands right now, the Denver Broncos sit at the No. 6 seed and would go on the road for the entire post-season if nothing changes.

For the Tennessee Titans, they are in a three way tie for the AFC South. A win would allow them to keep pace with the winner of the Colts vs. Texans game to be played at the same time.

A huge game indeed for both teams. Who will come out with a win? We will have to tune in on Sunday and find out.

As I do every week, I have the Denver Broncos Fanzone. Where I chat with a fellow Broncos Fan and get their takes on the game and the team.

This week, I got to talk to Donte Calarco. You might know her from her Youtube channel First Down with Donte, where she does game picks during the week and talks Broncos football.

So, let us see what Donte thinks about the Broncos and their game on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos got a much needed win against the Jaguars. What do you believe was the biggest factor in the win?

We won the turnover battle and defense was on point except for the QB TD.

Completely agree Donte. The defense, minus Blake Bortles touchdown run, was spectacular. However, the offense did not do the team favors minus the Devontae Booker touchdown.

Hopefully, the team picks it up against the Titans.

After seeing Paxton Lynch play his second game, did he do enough to convince you that he deserves another shot if Siemian isn’t healthy this week?

We don’t have a choice so if TS is not healthy we stick with Lynch . However, I’m not convinced on either QB’s yet . The jury is still out for me

Interesting take. Seeing all of social media, it is usually one or the other. But it is cool to see someone who is on the fence for both quarterbacks.

What is your favorite Denver Broncos memory of all time?

Going to the super bowl last year and witnessing Broncos win.

You read that right folks. Donte got to witness the Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara in February. I am jealous that she got to experience that. A memory that I am sure she will never forget.

With a tough four game stretch that features every opponent at .500 or better, what do you believe will be key for the Broncos down the stretch?

The key will be no turnovers and having the offense line protecting the quarterback so we can make first downs. So are defense gets rest in between. It’ll be very important not to gas them out and it’ll be critical to convert on third downs .

What will be key to getting a win against the Titans? How do you believe the game will play out?

If they can convert first downs on 3rd downs, win TO battle, and stop the Titans in red zone ( which they are one of the best in NFL) we should win.

I am sure that this is a first, but Donte was able to provide some stats in the Fanzone, which are pretty awesome.

Thank You Donte for taking time out to sit down and chat Broncos with me. It was a pleasure.

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