Denver Broncos fan base ranked among best in FanSided Fandom 250

The FanSided Fandom 250 ranked the top 250 fan bases of sports teams, celebrities, pop culture, and more, and the Denver Broncos ranked fairly well…

Year after year, the Denver Broncos boast some of the best fans in all of sports. Of course, Broncos fans will tell you that there is no better fan base in the world, but everyone else has an opinion about that as well.

FanSided has taken on a phenomenal project, ranking every fan base from sports teams to Star Wars, pop culture to…Donald Trump?

That’s right.

You can view the comprehensive list here.

The Denver Broncos ranked pretty well on this list, considering anything and everything was fair game to make it. Of course, my beloved (World Champion) Chicago Cubs were the no. 1 overall entity on the list, but I was disappointed to see the Broncos fall so far, all the way down to no. 66 overall.

I mean, even the Kardashains were ranked in the top 40…

The World Champion Denver Broncos ranked just one spot behind the legendary Boston Celtics, and one spot ahead of Michael Jordan’s Jumpman brand.

Painfully, the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots also ranked higher on this list than did the Broncos, but I think that was to be expected. The Broncos beat out both the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers, which is a silver lining.

The most shocking ranking on this list, in my estimation, was that of Beyonce, who came in at no. 3 overall. Beyonce must have a significant following that I am not privy to, because I simply do not see her as that likable or popular.

For instance, if I was given tickets to a Beyonce concert, I would definitely check to see the opening act, and whether or not it was worth my time. She is certainly an exceptional performer, but perhaps you have to experience the essence of a Beyonce show before you can truly appreciate its greatness.

At any rate, the Broncos came out well overall, a little low on the ranking for my liking, but not terrible. What do you think?

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