Denver Broncos don’t play Sunday, but can still win

The Denver Broncos might not have a game on the schedule for week 11 of the NFL season, but they can come away with some critical victories…

The Denver Broncos have done an excellent job this season, entering their bye week a very respectable 7-3. The problem? They are in third place in the AFC West.

That fact won’t change by the end of week 11 simply due to the fact that the Broncos have already lost two of a possible three division games, but they can make up some major ground this weekend, starting on Sunday.

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing at home and getting some reinforcements from pass rusher Justin Houston, who is coming back just in time for a team that already leads the NFL in takeaways. Houston is one of the premiere playmakers off the edge in the NFL, but the Broncos will be rooting hard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to brave the elements and go into Kansas City and get a big win.

It’s a longshot on paper, but the Bucs can get it done. They are coming off of a big, confidence boosting victory over the Chicago Bears last week, and just a few weeks ago, they were within a breath of beating the Oakland Raiders.

How can the Bucs do it? They’re going to need a big time game from Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and breakout tight end Cameron Brate, who have combined for 13 touchdowns this season.

Kansas City’s defense isn’t going to let the Bucs come into their house and just have this one. The Chiefs, by way of an undefeated division record, are holding on to first place in the AFC West.

I wonder if Raiders fans even know that, actually…

At any rate, if the Chiefs lose this game, they will have the same record as the Broncos going into their head-to-head matchup next Sunday night. The Broncos and all of us fans need to dig up all the good vibes we can for the Buccaneers, and send them to Kansas City.


After Sunday’s festivities, which include a bye week for Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers, the attention turns to Oakland, where the Raiders are coming off of a bye week to face off against Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans.

Let’s be honest. On paper this week, it’s not looking good for the Broncos to gain any ground.

That’s where faith comes into play.

The Texans have lost three games this season, all of which have been on the road. They do have a road victory among their four this season, but it’s just the one. At 6-3, the Texans are looking to maintain a first place lead in the AFC South that currently sits at two games.

How will they do it?

They are going to need to keep pace with a very good Oakland offense. The other good news here is this — the Texans have the horses defensively to get to Derek Carr and put some serious pressure on the 2nd place Raiders.

Predictably, the Texans have the 32nd ranked passing attack in the NFL. The Raiders have one of the league’s best. Houston is one of the league’s best teams against the pass.

It might seem like a long shot, but the Broncos have a decent chance of getting some ground on at least one team in the AFC West this week. If not? They’ll just have to continue to take care of business on the field.

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