Emmanuel Sanders was hurt, and not sabotaging the Broncos

Emmanuel Sanders wasn't trying to run out his own team's clock. He was trying to work out a shoulder issue.
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Emmanuel Sanders was in too much pain to recognize his team's situation.

So, what appeared to be blatant attempt to sabotage the Broncos' end-of-regulation drive against in Cleveland was just an injured player writhing in immense pain.

Sanders' injury had Broncos fans groaning for so many reasons. 

First, he's tied for the team lead in receiving yards this season (527). But secondly, after sustaining that post-catch injury, he walked to the end zone and fell down — all while Peyton Manning and Co. tried to orchestrate an overtime-averting comeback.

Instead, Sanders drained the clock. But that drain won't be felt on the team's offense after the bye week if the Pro Bowler can rest and heal up.

(h/t Ian Rapoport on Twitter)

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