Emmanuel Sanders has jokes about the Broncos’ horrific quarterback situation

The Broncos’ quarterback situation took a turn for the worst on Wednesday when Brock Osweiler chose to sign with the Texans rather than returning to Denver. This news came just two days after Peyton Manning officially announced his retirement.

That leaves little-known Trevor Siemian as the only quarterback on the roster, which isn’t a good sign, to say the least. Reports have surfaced suggesting the Broncos are in talks with the 49ers about a possible trade that would send Colin Kaepernick to Denver, but nothing substantial has happened just yet.

No one really knows who will be under center for the Broncos next year — not even wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. In light of the situation, Sanders went on a Twitter spree suggesting Uncle Rico from "Napoleon Dynamite" could be the team’s next quarterback.

Sanders likes Uncle Rico’s arm strength and knack for being clutch late in the game.

He didn’t stop there. Oh, no. Sanders wasn’t even close to being done. His tweets brought in several suggestions from his followers. Among them were the butter-fingered Brucie from "The Longest Yard," who wasn’t the right kind of guy.

Willie Beaman from "Any Given Sunday" was also an option.

As was Shane Falco of "The Replacements," though Sanders doubts left-handed quarterbacks still exist in the NFL.

Of course, Mike Winchell was a candidate for Sanders, but with Denver being the defending Super Bowl champion, he isn’t sure Winchell could handle the bright lights.

The Rock wasn’t anything more than an afterthought, seeing as Sanders didn’t even know he played quarterback in "The Game Plan."

After taking a lengthy period of time and weighing the options, it appears as though Uncle Rico is the frontrunner. So long as the Browns don’t scoop him up first, given their ineptitude in free agency thus far.

All of Sanders’ tweets were in good fun. Like everyone else, he has no idea who will play quarterback for Denver next season.