Denver Broncos 2016: A Playoff game in Week Fourteen?

We take a look at the Broncos vs. Titans and why this game has important playoff implications.

Typically,  I like to review each NFL game featuring an AFC West team but this week I take a little different approach.  While the NFL calendar says that the playoffs don’t start until early January, that is not the case with the Denver Broncos.

As the Broncos enter the final quarter of the season, they unfortunately find themselves in third place in the division and a possible wildcard spot in the January tournament.  Basically, the playoffs start today for the Broncos.  While the Broncos will need some help to win their sixth consecutive division championship, it will not be possible if they don’t take care of their business and win each remaining game.

The road will be tough and uphill all the way but that is what makes it interesting and great entertainment!  That journey starts in Nashville, Tennessee.

Needless to say, but I have already said it, and I will say it again: the Broncos must win this game against the Tennessee Titans.  Here are some things to watch for in today’s game – if they all go well, the Broncos should improve to 9-4

Here are some key things to keep an eye on.

  • Trevor Siemian returns!  This is huge considering watching how Paxton Lynch struggled last week.  I will save the Lynch discussion for another time because right now this is Trevor’s team and time.  I am hoping the Broncos have a similar output this week when it comes to passing that they did against the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago; albeit with a different outcome, obviously.
  • Devontae Booker, Juwan Thompson, or Justin Forsett….. which one of these running backs will step up and seize the moment?  While the offensive line will make it possible, one of these guys will get a lot of credit if the Broncos win this “playoff game” today.  Booker needs a breakout game; I have always liked Thompson and his toughness; Forsett brings leadership and experience.  A solid running game will make my first point much more achievable.
  • The Orange Crush needs to return!  I wonder if sometimes the lack of production by the Broncos offense (too many three-and-outs) wears on the defense and over the course of the game, it shows?  Whatever the reason, if the Broncos expect to be playing in January, the defensive unit will have to make it possible! The defense couldn’t  stop the Chiefs with three minutes remaining in the week twelve matchup and it ultimately cost them.  That is their one get out of jail card.  Another lapse like that, and Broncos will probably be vacationing in January instead of preparing for a playoff matchup.

Passing, running, and defense.  It seems simple but today’s NFL game is a very complex chess match.  While I would love to see the Broncos win easily and by large margin today, I don’t think that will be the case.  Tennessee finds themselves in the playoff hunt and will no doubt put up a good fight.  Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray will  their stats but they can’t get the win!

Enjoy the game Broncos Country!

Go Broncos – beat the Titans!

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