Colorado brewery offers free food, drinks to Patriots players DURING game

Let's see if Tom Brady can turn down free food.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots will have to politely decline an invitation for free drinks while in Colorado for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

The West Flanders Brewing Company in Boulder, Colo., has so graciously offered the Pats complimentary food and drinks, but only from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday — the hours in which the game will be played.

The offer is a little sweeter for Gisele Bundchen, however, as Marty Jones, a spokesman for West Flanders, adds that Tom Brady’s wife is welcome to stop in for a free drink anytime she likes.

The brewing company has also released a new beer, "Brett on the Broncos" to show support for its home team. Brett refers to Brettanomyces, the yeast used to make the beer. But in typical Peyton Manning fashion, they had to call an audible and change the name of the brew at the last second.

The NFL served West Flanders with a cease-and-desist letter for infringing on league trademarks, forcing them to come up with a new name for their Broncos-inspired beer. Now, the drink will aptly be called "Omaha, Omaha, Brett!," a nod to one of Manning’s favorite play calls.

Legal drama aside, though, the Patriots will still have to turn down the offer unless they want the league coming after them, as well.