Demotion of Ryan Fitzpatrick will improve offense of Jets

The New York Jets have moved on from the failed Ryan Fitzpatrick experiment, and it was the correct move.  Now the offense of the Jets has nowhere to go but up.

Clearly, Ryan Fitzpatrick couldn’t turn the season of the New York Jets around.  The Jets had no choice but to move on at this point in the season. The early season turnovers were an issue, but that’s not the key to the year.  There were reasons that the turnovers happened that need to be examined.

Some of the interceptions were no doubt Fitzpatrick’s fault.  However, some were also a function of his lack of arm talent which limited the offense.

Fitzpatrick has a decent NFL throwing arm, but he cannot challenge the defense downfield which hurts many phases of the offense.  Let’s examine the parts of the offense that will improve immediately.

Not having a vertical threat allows the defense to hunker down on the short passing game.  You can dink and dunk only so much before the windows become too small to throw through.  So having a vertical threat quarterback and receivers open up so much more offense.

Having a vertical threat on offense also opens up the running game.  Right now, Matt Forte has nowhere to go in the running game, because safeties aren’t afraid to get beat deep.

The ability to run will keep the struggling defense off the field.  That could help them as well because there’s almost a 50/50 split in the time of possession.

That all changes with a quarterback who can get the football thrown deep.  Pro Football Focus showed that Geno Smith was one of the most accurate deep throwers in the NFL back in his rookie season at 46.7%.

Regardless of who it was, the Jets had no choice but to make the change at quarterback.  It’s just too bad they were forced to spend $12M on one who is rendered useless.

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