Demarcus Ware’s Value to the Denver Broncos

Following offseason back surgery, Demarcus Ware is ready to go. Set to become a free agent this summer, the Broncos must ponder how valuable he truly is…

A key word that is often underrated in the National Football League is ‘value’. DeMarcus Ware is the epitome of that very word.

With Ware set to become a free agent this summer, the Broncos must assess how valuable Demarcus Ware truly is. When I think about Ware’s impact on the field, the numbers stand out.

The stat that is never kept though is the impact Ware has off the field. Within the community, and with his teammates. Let’s take a look back at the year of 2013 with Von Miller.

Speeding tickets, a 6 game suspension, and a driving with a suspended license infraction. This had many Denver fans upset and questioning Miller’s potential to stay out of trouble.

Enter Ware: one of Denver’s biggest free agent acquisitions that year. The Broncos would receive a great pass rusher, but an even better leader.

On a team that had a leader offensively in Peyton Manning, Denver’s defense lacked a true living and breathing example of a leader. In Ware’s first year as a Bronco, the transformation in the defense was visible on the field and off.

Change Is Inevitable

DeMarcus Ware was the change that Von Miller needed the most at that point of his career. Von Miller started talking less and doing more and it wasn’t because his agent advised him to.

Miller began to listen to Ware, who Miller has always looked up to. 6 years into his career, Miller describes the three without Ware and the three with him. The difference is growth and maturity through leadership and togetherness.

In an interview with Jeff Legwold of ESPN, Von spoke in high regard of Demarcus Ware’s impact:

If you look at my years with DeMarcus and look at the type of player I was and the type of person that I am now during DeMarcus‘ tenure is totally different than I was…

Last year Demarcus Ware took a pay cut to remain with the Broncos, but would he be willing to do the same for a second go round?

I believe that Ware would take a pay cut, because he himself knows how valuable he is to his teammates. Many people were skeptical when Denver selected Bradley Roby and Shane Ray due to their off field issues.

But what many people fail to understand is that despite what Denver saw in them on the field, the organization saw the bigger picture off of the field. John Elway knew that he could trust Ware to help these young guys mature quicker than learning after it was too late.

With Ware facing encouragement to return back to the Dallas Cowboys, he has a big decision to make between Dallas and Denver.

I know for a fact that I surely would miss Ware in a Broncos uniform. A man who came in with no unrealistic expectations, but a desire to work hard and help others along the way.

Super Bowl 50 Champion, Future Hall of Famer, Leader of Men: the value in these things speak volumes of what DeMarcus Ware is.

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