A dejected Andrew Luck watched the Titans’ dramatic win during his postgame presser

Heading into the final few weeks of the NFL regular season, the AFC South is still for the taking. The Colts and Titans are jockeying with the Texans for position, trying to earn themselves a playoff berth.

So, after the Colts’ dominant win over the Vikings on Sunday, Indianapolis could have seriously benefited from the Titans falling to the Chiefs.

Unfortunately for them, Tennessee managed to eek out a victory with a last-second field goal that gave them a 19-17 win in Kansas City. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had to find out while cameras were rolling during his postgame press conference.

Ironically enough, Luck was talking about the Colts needing to “focus on our jobs” just seconds before being distracted by the TV broadcast of the Titans game. Luck was briefly (and understandably) a bit dejected by the result but he did his best to soldier on through the presser and not clearly show his disappointment.