Deflategate: Francesa, Aikman, Glazer on hitting Pats hard, NFL’s ‘nightmare’, more

On Friday all was mostly quiet in the NFL’s Deflategate drama, with the only prominent public comments coming from the league’s official statement on the matter (loose translation: "We’re trying to uncover any possible explanation — and if there’s a video, we WILL watch it this time, promise.") and the official statement by the Patriots (loose translation: "We are helping, no obstruction by us, nothing to see here.")

However, there were no quiet opinions on the matter on the "Mike Francesa Show" (simulcast on FOX Sports 1).

First, the host made an interesting observation. While the NFL never would publicly have a rooting interest for any team to avoid favoritism cries, a Patriots win COULD be a "nightmare" scenario for the league in the public-relations department.

Later in the show, three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Troy Aikman called in and continued his offensive from Wednesday, when he strongly disagreed with any notion that the Patriots in power (coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady) could NOT know about changes to their pre-selected game balls.

Friday with Francesa, Aikman came down even harder — but pointed his presence and pressure toward commissioner Roger Goodell and possible punishments, saying the Patriots and Belichick should be punished MORE severely than the New Orleans Saints and coach Sean Payton — who was suspended for an entire season.

Listen to Troy:

The Dallas Cowboys legend also shed light on his own experiences as a passer, saying that before games "there was nothing that occurred with the footballs without my knowledge."

FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer also joined the show to later share the buzz around the league from Senior Bowl week. Glazer said other owners are tiring of the Patriots’ ongoing antics.

How do you feel about Deflategate: big problem or overblown? And which possible suspect do you believe, if either: Belichick or Brady?

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