Patriots fan’s obituary labels Tom Brady innocent

A Patriots fan defended Tom Brady in her obituary.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

No matter what we learn about Tom Brady’s alleged role in the Deflategate scandal, some New England Patriots fans will never stop defending their quarterback — even in death.

Patricia M. Shong, a 72-year-old Patriots fan from Auburn, Mass., passed away earlier this week. Shong’s family included a defense of Brady in Patricia’s obituary. The Brady line read as follows:

“She would also like us to set the record straight for her. Brady is innocent!!”

[See the obituary here]

Shong obviously didn’t care what Jim Kelly or anyone else thinks. She literally took her defense of No. 12 to the grave, and it’s tough not to admire that.

Over the years, we’ve seen the families of many sports fans include references to their teams in their obituaries. One woman said Dick LeBeau leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers contributed to her death, while another fan complained about this horrendous play call on his way to the afterlife. Shong is in good company.

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