DeAngelo Williams Continues Criticism of Panthers

DeAngelo Williams recent comments on the Carolina Panthers organization were met with harsh criticism and he couldn’t help but respond…

Recent coaching and administration changes within the Carolina Panthers organization led to former running back DeAngelo Williams taking a shot at his former team. Without naming the individuals who have elected to move on from the organization this offseason, Williams take was that he was losing count due to the numerous changes.

After being released following nine seasons in Carolina, Williams was upset by a number of occurrences with the team and front office. Now a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Williams continues interacting with fans of the Panthers via Twitter.

When questioning the count of employees leaving the organization, one fan responded with a harsh statistic.

Ouch. For the record it is more thanks to coaches Sean McDermott, Ricky Proehl, and team president Danny Morrison stepping away from their responsibilities for various reasons.

Williams wouldn’t be silent however, zinging the Panthers’ fan for Carolina’s inability to make the playoffs this past season.

Williams did admit to another user that he may still be harboring feelings of animosity toward the Panthers organzation. He was quick to point out that if it hadn’t been for Carolina, another team would have given him an opportunity.

Williams is likely correct in that another team would have given him an opportunity and things could have been better or possibly worse. Either way, this was the hand he was dealt and at least he owns up to still being upset about how things were handled when he departed Carolina.

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