DeAndre Hopkins Hauls In Bomb, Follows With Touchdown Grab (Video)

DeAndre Hopkins exploded at the end of the second quarter of the AFC Wild Card game by hauling in a deep ball, then scoring on the next play.

Whenever the Houston Texans signed quarterback Brock Osweiler in the offseason, there were high expectations for many reasons. For one, they hadn’t had real hope as a team in their quarterback in quite some time. Perhaps more importantly, though, the Texans supposedly would be able to better utilize one of their biggest weapons: wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Unfortunately, that hadn’t been the case in the 2016 season.

Osweiler struggled tremendously throughout the season, which virtually every football fan is aware of at this point. His biggest shortcoming, though, was the fact that he was unable to effectively use Hopkins. But taking on the Oakland Raiders in the AFC Wild Card Round on Saturday, Hopkins came to life.

The Texans offense looked more alive than it had all season in the first half, but never as much than at the end of the second quarter. With the clock hovering around the two-minute warning, they sent Hopkins deep down the right sideline and Osweiler let one rip. The talented Clemson product then made a fantastic play after blowing by his coverage to stay inbounds and get inside the 5-yard line:

After a Lamar Miller run failed to punch it in from there, though, Osweiler went back to Hopkins. This time on the left side of the field, Hopkins cut inside on a quick slant and made a nice grab on a solid throw to put six more points on the board:

How has Osweiler not been able to use Nuk all season?

If the Texans somehow find life with The Brock Lobster at the helm in the playoffs, they could be dangerous. Jadeveon Clowney and the defense have been a force all season, but it’s the offense that’s held them back. On drives like this and with scoring 20 points in the first half, that could be changing for playoff time.

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