Report: DEA investigating usage of prescription meds in NFL

The Drug Enforcement Administration is reportedly beginning a probe into prescription medication usage in the NFL.

The New York Daily News, citing sources, reports that the DEA "has quietly launched an investigation into the abuse of prescription medication in NFL locker rooms."

The sources say that agents from the DEA’s New York office are "reaching out" to former players in order to determine how NFL doctors and trainers get access to certain medications. Among the medications outlined in the story are the narcotics Percodan and Vicodin and anti-inflammatories such as Toradol.  

"They want to find out who provided and distributed the drugs to football players," one source told the paper.

According to the story, the investigation began after attorneys filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of about 1,300 NFL retirees in which the league was accused of giving players prescription medication without telling them the long-term risks of using them.

The NFL declined to comment on the investigation to the News and the Players Association did not respond to an email in regards to it either. DEA spokeswoman Erin Mulvey told the paper she was not aware of any investigation into prescription drug usage in NFL locker rooms.