Davis says he’ll miss budding rivalry with Moss

Vontae Davis can savor his shutout of Randy Moss for a


The prospect of a rematch between the young cornerback and Pro

Bowl receiver later this season was dashed Wednesday when the New

England Patriots traded Moss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Moss went without a catch for the first time since 2006 when he

played against Davis and the Miami Dolphins on Monday night. The

Vikings have already played the Dolphins this season, so Davis

won’t face Moss again anytime soon.

”I’m going to miss it, but it’s a problem off my hands,” Davis

said. ”That’s a person I don’t have to worry about in the


Moss had touchdown catches of 71 and 58 yards against the

Dolphins last year. He worked against second-year pro Davis for

nearly the entire game Monday and had only one pass thrown his


”After the first quarter he said, `You’ve got three more

quarters.’ Then he said, `We’ve got two more quarters, baby,”’

Davis recalled with a laugh. ”I said, `He’s right about that.’

”He has done a lot of damage in this league. I know what he can

do. You fall asleep on him, he can pull that one-hand catch on


Not that Davis refrained from a little trash-talking of his


”I just told him, `What a difference a year makes, Randy,”’

Davis said.

The Patriots had the last word, winning 41-14.

The only time they threw to Moss, he stretched for the pass in

the end zone, but it deflected off his hands.

”He said if that ball wasn’t wobbling, he would have caught

it,” Davis said. ”He’s funny. He’s a good dude. He’ll talk to you

if he respects you.”

Davis predicted Moss will do well returning to Minnesota. He

played for the Vikings from 1998 to 2004.

”He did a lot of damage over there,” Davis said. ”Good place

for him to retire.”