Darron Lee progressing well in rookie season with Jets

As the New York Jets continue to improve their overall defense, linebacker Darron Lee has so far been progressing well in his rookie season.

It’s no secret that this past offseason, the New York Jets have upgraded their overall pass rush to be faster, younger, and more aggressive. When it comes to first-round draft pick Darron Lee, expectations are high for him to be a key part of that mentality.

It wasn’t expected for him to jump out the gates and be the next incarnation of Lawrence Taylor, but expectations are for him to develop into a premier linebacker in the future. He’s surrounded by solid veterans and has a leadership regime guiding him along the way.

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So far in his rookie season, Lee has been adapting well. It’s not easy to make the transition from college football to the pros but he’s been handling it in stride. While he has to register his first sack in the NFL, Lee is using his incredible speed and agility to good use.

In just two games so far this season, Lee has totaled seven tackles and has been used in situational packages on defense. He’s done well with his assignments but still has some work cut out for him to take it to the next level.

Even head coach Todd Bowles recognizes that Lee has been doing good early on this season.

It’s all about learning, growing, and most of all, making the most out of opportunities coming his way.

One can see Lee’s speed right off the bat but he has to understand to be patient before taking off prematurely.

It’s one of those techniques that just takes time and patience to fully grasp.

Here is what Bowles recently said in a press conference, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

How Darron Lee has played…

He’s done some good things. Had some learning (experiences). Getting better. Getting a lot better. He’s thinking less and less, and he’s starting to play fast and pull the trigger more, so he’s making good progress. We’re happy with him.

Where else Lee needs to improve…

It’s the total game. He’s only played in two pro games. He’s got a whole bunch to get better at from an intelligence stand point, a physical stand point, playing routes better and reading blocks better. He can get better at everything.

Lee’s lateral quickness…

We knew (he could flash his lateral quickness) when he came out of college, so the lateral stuff is easy for him. He’s just got to get the other stuff.

Overall, Lee will only get better over time. Just like in anything with life, patience is key to letting things happen naturally. He’s been playing just fine and will only continue to improve as the season progresses.

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