Darren Sharper strikes plea deal on rape charges

Former NFL star Darren Sharper is likely looking at a lengthy jail sentence.
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Fresh off news that a fourth state (Nevada) has filed rape charges against the former NFL safety, Darren Sharper has apparently entered into a global plea deal relating to all charges against him. 

The plea deal will take into account rape charges in Nevada, Arizona, California and Arizona as well as federal charges. In almost all cases, Sharper is accused of drugging his alleged victims before sexually assaulting them.

The plea deal is expected to be formally announced in open court on Monday. It also likely means that Sharper, 39, will spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro had this to say about the cases.

This afternoon, Darren Sharper announced in open court that he had entered into a plea agreement with respect to pending charges in Louisiana as well as the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, and the United States of America. Pursuant to the terms of the agreement negotiated between the defendant’s attorneys and Federal and state prosecutors, we expect that he will begin entering formal guilty pleas as soon as Monday and that he will be within the next 30 days to plead guilty to his pending state and Federal charges in New Orleans.

Sharper, a five-time Pro Bowl performer in 14 NFL seasons, retired following the 2010 season. A number of these cases stem from after his retirement, though some are from his playing days.

Sharper has been jailed in Los Angeles since January of last year.

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