Buzz: Harry Potter loves fantasy football

We already knew that Daniel Radcliffe was a big NFL fan, but did you also know that the actor most famous for portraying Harry Potter is also a fantasy football buff?

That’s according to the New York Times, which interviewed Radcliffe about his love of fantasy sports — a fascination that started after being “christened” a Giants fan by a crew member on his play “Equus.”

"This year I’m in two leagues for the first time," Radcliffe told the Times. "Before I just did the league for ‘How to Succeed in Business,’ which is a league full of abuse and wanting each other to fail."

Radcliffe said he, like most of us, schedules his Sundays for only football watching. And while he currently plays for an amount of money that isn’t “worth mentioning” — of course, for Daniel Radcliffe, “not worth mentioning” could still be a boatload — he doesn’t see himself pursuing a big-money league.

"I do have a friend who’s in a league where the buy-in is in the thousands of dollars and the winner wins 25 grand," Radcliffe said. "I care about it this much already. If you added that extra element of competition, I don’t know if I’d even be enjoying it anymore. At the moment, I still do enjoy the weekend."

Of course, the most amazing revelation of Radcliffe’s fantasy football chat came when he revealed his team name: Barkevious Mingo’s Mum.

"I just think Barkevious Mingo is the greatest name I’ve ever heard, and the fact that his mum invented that name is also amazing," Radcliffe said. "And in that league I have the Cleveland defense as well, and they had an amazing game the other day against Buffalo, so I’m incredibly grateful to the Cleveland defense, Barkevious Mingo and his mother."

So that got us thinking, if Harry Potter played in a 14-team fantasy league with some of his schoolmates, friends and enemies, what might the rest of it look like? I’m not sure we can top “Barkevious Mingo’s Mum,” but here’s our best guess at the other 13 players and their team names:

Ron Weasley: Reddy or Not

Hermione Granger: III Points for Griffindor

Voldemort: The Team That Must Not Be Named

Severus Snape: Sir Mix-A-Lot

Sirius Black: Sirius Biznezz

Albus Dumbledore: The Wizzinator

Bellatrix Lestrange: These Trix Ain’t For Kids

Hagrid: New York Half Giants

Remus Lupin: Team Jacob

Draco Malfoy: Snitches Get Stitches

Mad Eye Moody: Eye On the Prize

Dobby: Socks to Be You

Neville Longbottom: Bottom Feeders

Yeah, some of these people are dead. They are also fictional. Get over it. If you have a better team name, leave it in the comments below or let me hear it on Twitter.

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