Damage is already done at quarterback position for Jets

The New York Jets continue to be delusional when it comes to their quarterback situation. While leadership feels Ryan Fitzpatrick gives them the best chance to win football games, the damage has already been done at the position.

Things wouldn’t be normal in the football world if the New York Jets had a stable and consistent situation at quarterback. Easily the most important position on the team, it’s amazing why this franchise can’t seem to get it right at quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick should not be their starting quarterback at all and is barely a backup considering how terrible he’s been this season.

So far in 2016, Fitzpatrick has totaled 1,982 passing yards, 169 completions, eight touchdowns, and leads the NFL with 13 interceptions. With key injuries in their offensive line and wide receiver corps, the Jets will be lucky to win even a few more games this year. Things are so bad in the city that never sleeps, that fans and analysts alike are clamoring for quarterback Bryce Petty to start.

Make no mistake about it, Petty would bring a much better dimension on offense but the damage is already done at quarterback. There is no turning back from the abysmal play of Fitzpatrick as Petty won’t be able to step right in and fix all the issues at the position overnight.

What is, even more, concerning for the Jets is how they’re blindly loyal to a journeyman quarterback that is also dealing with a knee injury this week. If the Jets want to continue this disaster of a season with a quarterback that isn’t playing good at all and is dealing with an injury, they deserve everything that’s been coming their way.

The Jets should have made a quarterback change weeks ago. It’s mind-boggling since they decided to carry four quarterbacks heading into the regular season yet don’t want to see what they bring to the table. Petty has the most upside at this point in time thanks to his arm strength and football IQ but the Jets continue to hold him back. Especially for a quarterback that seems to only know how to not score touchdowns but throw interceptions.

Overall, the damage is already done and well, the Jets might as well stick with Fitzpatrick from here on out to see this ship continue to sink. Maybe it’s best they keep Petty away from this entire mess and build a better team around him next season via the 2017 NFL Draft and free agency. Fitzpatrick has done so much damage at quarterback this season that 2016 go down in franchise history as one of the worse.

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