Dallas Cowboys: Winning is all that matters

It doesn’t matter who the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is, as the only thing that really matters is winning games.

For most of the 1990’s, the Dallas Cowboys were the talk of the NFL. They were cocky, brash, arrogant, but most of all, they were good. Those teams were deep and talented, built mostly through the draft under the supervision of head coach Jimmy Johnson and owner/general manager Jerry Jones.

Not long after the famed split between the two, the chatter began about who was most responsible for building the dynasty. The tug of war on who deserved the credit for those Super Bowls and dominant years still rages on today.

So who deserved the credit, Jimmy or Jerry?

Every Cowboys fan has an answer to that question, and it usually comes out in Johnson’s favor. That fact seems like it has eaten at Jones for years.

However, in the long standing feud over who should get the credit, both men miss the point. All Cowboys fans really care about was winning. We may take a side in who helped Dallas win all those games, but no one gave a darn who got the recognition, just as long as they won.

The same applies for the current Dallas Cowboys. There are fans on both sides of the quarterback fence, there are pro Dak Prescott fans and pro Tony Romo fans among us.

Prescott has the energy and athleticism that defenses must account for when running the offense. With the rookie at the helm, the team has won eight straight games and why mess with the chemistry they have going.

If you’re someone who wants Romo to play from here on out, you can state your case that he is the much better quarterback who opens up the entire playbook because of his arm and experience. Running back Ezekiel Elliott would also see less eight man fronts and the offense would be borderline unstoppable.

So while there are valid reasons to having either quarterback start, all Cowboys fans really want is to win. We care much less about who is under center than we do about winning games. Dallas diehards are sick of being the butt of football jokes on social media or being reminded of “only” having two playoff wins in the 2000’s.

If Prescott is the man the Cowboys think is going to lead the way, we’ll all climb on-board. If the coaches decide Romo is the best option, fans should back that decision as well.

Too much is being made of who is the starting quarterback in Dallas. The Cowboys have two very good quarterbacks and no one cares about who starts as long as they win games. Credit won’t mean a thing if the team continues to succeed and we’re all dancing in the streets if Dallas wins the Super Bowl win.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys should enjoy what the team is doing right now, these types of seasons don’t happen often enough. Trust in the teams decision making and root like heck for the ‘Star’ on the helmet, not the name on the back of the jersey.

Nothing is a bigger waste of time than assigning credit on a team made up of 53 players, all of whom have a hand in winning in some way. To steal a line from former Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis, “just win baby.”

Just like with Jimmy and Jerry from long ago, credit is useless, winning is all that matters.

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