Dallas Cowboys: Top Five in FanSided’s Fandom 250

The Dallas Cowboys were ranked in the top five of FanSided’s Fandom 250, making America’s Team one of the top fanbases in all of entertainment and sports.

Twenty years after it’s inception in 1960, the Dallas Cowboys would become America’s Team after the franchise’s tremendous success and rise in popularity in the 1970’s. The Cowboys’ fanbase only multiplied in the early 1990’s following three Super Bowl championships in four seasons.

And despite the fact it’s been over twenty years since the franchise has hoisted a Lombardi Trophy, the Dallas Cowboys still remain one of, if not the most popular entertainment entities in the world.

Undoubtedly, the Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL. Their games are the most watched, recently breaking viewership records for both Thursday night and Thanksgiving Day games. And the Cowboys are a regular topic among national sports highlight and debate shows, regardless of record or playoff relevance. And that’s due directly to their massive fanbase.

But being the most beloved franchise in the NFL means you are the most hated as well. And fans of the Dallas Cowboys face plenty of angst, especially for the moniker “America’s Team”. And the perceived arrogance of that nickname, which is part of the franchise’s rich history, only gives those who despise the team more ammunition against arguably the most loyal fanbase in the world.

Despite the Dallas Cowboys popularity in the league, how does their fanbase stand up against every other sport? And how about entertainment in general? According to a recent list by FanSided called Fandom 250, where the popular site attempted to do the ultimate ranking of fandoms from sports to entertainment, celebrities to brands; the Cowboys were in the top five.

The Dallas Cowboys were actually ranked as the fifth biggest fan base in the world by FanSided in the Fandom 250. The highest NFL team on the massive list by far. In fact, the Green Bay Packers at #21 were the next highest football team. Here’s FanSided’s explanation of the Cowboys’ top five ranking:

“Make no mistake, [the Dallas Cowboys] fanbase is as loyal and passionate as they come. It was there for the team during the glory years in the ’90s, it has been there for the team during the current dry spell and it will be with the team as long and as far as [Dak] Prescott and [Ezekiel] Elliott can take it this season and into the future.”

So if America’s Team is fifth on the list, who was ranked above them? According to FanSided, the four placed ahead of the Cowboys are: Game of Thrones, Beyonce, Star Wars and the Chicago Cubs. Obviously, an argument can be made that Dallas should be ranked even higher. But the creation of the Fandom 250 was done in part to spark fun conversation and discussion.

If you believe the Dallas Cowboys should be higher on the list, let us know why in the comment section below. But also, let @FanSided know why by going to social media and expressing your views on the list. Be sure to use the hashtag #Fandom250 when doing so.

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