Report: Tony Romo’s lawyers may be arguing NFL has a Rob Gronkowski double standard

The Rob Gronkowski-hosted cruise featured a casino, Tony Romo's lawyers are pointing out.

Miikka Skaffari / Getty Images

Tony Romo has a question for the court: If Rob Gronkowski can do it, why can’t I?

Remember Romo’s National Fantasy Football Convention? The NFL shut it down before it could happen, saying the convention’s site on casino property in Las Vegas meant league players were prohibited from attending. The NFFC headed to court.

Which brings us to Gronkowski’s recently completed, much-publicized party cruise to the Bahamas. Lawyers for the convention took note and have amended their filing, which Pro Football Talk reports contains the following:

"NFL player Rob Gronkowski hosted a party cruise from Miami to the Bahamas on February 19-22, 2016. The four-day party took place on Norwegian Cruise Line, where Gronkowski’s fans and attendees can take full advantage of Norweigan’s famed ‘Casinos at Sea.’ Photos from the booze-cruise show fans gambling at the on-board casino. The NFL specifically knew about the party cruise and its ties to gambling for more than seven months leading up to the event; yet the NFL took no action to either discipline Rob Gronkowski or prevent the event from taking place."

So, will we hear an argument in court about a Gronk double standard?