Report: Tony Romo leaning toward offseason surgery

What to do?

Tom Pennington/Staff/Getty Images

Will he or won’t he?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been mulling what to do about his collarbone — that he injured twice in 2015 — during the offseason. Either he continues to let everything heal and strengthen naturally, or he could opt for surgery.

However, now that some time has passed, a source has told the Dallas Morning News that Romo is leaning toward going under the knife. Specifically, the veteran wants to undergo a Mumford procedure on his left clavicle.

What is that, you ask? A Mumford procedure is where doctors shave off or remove a portion of the distal clavicle. The other surgical option is to attach a plate over the collarbone as it continues to heal. According to the Morning News, the Mumford option is preferred because it places less stress on the collarbone long term.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said nothing has been decided yet.

"We don’t have a final [decision]," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Tuesday from the NFL Combine. "Obviously that’s something that he’ll decide to have it or not decide to have it. It’s preventative type surgery, and I think he’s wanting to make sure if he does do it it’s the right way to do it."

Romo is currently weighing his options. Both surgical procedures come with 6-8 week recovery period, so it doesn’t seem like Romo would miss any significant practice time.

However, the choice he makes is important. Romo broke the same collarbone twice during the 2015 season and needs to make sure health is taken care of going forward.

(H/T to the Dallas Morning News)