The one way Jerry Jones can hand Tony Romo the Cowboys’ starting QB job

Despite previous statements to the contrary, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on Thursday that rookie Dak Prescott is “unequivocally” the team’s starting quarterback for the remainder of the season. While that might be true at this moment, Skip Bayless isn’t so sure.

Bayless knows the Cowboys better than anyone, and on Friday’s edition of FS1’s “Undisputed,” he laid out his case that if we see another “rookie” game from Prescott on Sunday, Tony Romo will be under center for Dallas in Week 16.

BAYLESS: When Jerry was asked, under what scenario could he see Tony Romo replacing Dak Prescott, and he harked back to that 1964 quote from the Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart about pornography — “I know it when I see it” — and he paraphrased that quote, and I’m like, “Jerry, wait a minute.” You just compared the situation of your rookie quarterback to pornography. “I’ll know it when I see it, when it’s time to replace him. You can’t explain it, but I’ll know it when I see it.”

So you’re comparing Dak Prescott’s potential demise to pornography. How disrespectful can you be? And he didn’t mean any harm by it, it’s just Jerry being Jerry, but he just can’t help himself. He can’t keep reopening the Tony Romo door. And I’m here to tell you if Dak has another rookie game, Sunday night at home against Tampa Bay, and the lose? I think we’re going to see Tony Romo against Detroit on the following Monday night at Jerry World.

Bayless, of course, wasn’t the only person confused by Jones’ recent comments. Hall of Fame Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was “dumbfounded” by Jones’ inability to stay out of his own way:

“I’m just really dumbfounded by the comments, and not only the first time, but why they continue,” Aikman said Thursday on 1310 The Ticket. “I don’t understand why you would talk.”

NFL insider Mike Lombardi, meanwhile, said on this week’s “Make Me Smarter” podcast that the real problem in Dallas isn’t Prescott; it’s Dez Bryant’s poor technique as a receiver that has the Cowboys looking vulnerable to close out the regular season.