Jason Witten weighs in on the Cowboys’ QB situation on ‘Undisputed’

Super Bowl weekend on FOX and FS1 unofficially kicked off on Friday, as Jason Witten joined Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed live from Houston — site of Super Bowl LI (Sunday, 2 p.m. ET, FOX and FOX Sports GO).

After the Dallas Cowboys tight end made his Super Bowl pick and acknowledged Shannon’s challenge to a footrace, Skip got down to business, asking Witten to weigh in on the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott-Tony Romo quarterback conundrum.

For the most part, Witten was non-committal. He praised Prescott, saying he doesn’t really consider the first-year QB a rookie, and he praised the veteran Romo for his leadership skills. Yet he did say something interesting about the latter’s competitive nature.

SKIP: How much easier would it be for Dak to continue to grow next year of Tony weren’t on the team?

WITTEN: I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I mean, I think Dak would say Tony was always helping him within games and thinking about this. And I think what you saw in that press conference was really Tony’s heart. He was always there to help in whatever role he could do, and talk with him.

So Tony was in those shoes at one point in time, too. And so, I think there’s a respect that goes in with that. I know those two handled an extremely difficult situation. Both can play the position at a high, high level.

SHANNON: Do you think Tony — as a starter, you know, once you become a starter, it’s hard to go into a backup role. Do you think Tony could be comfortable in a backup role on that team?

WITTEN: I don’t know that I can answer that. I know that he’s one of the most competitive guys I know, and I don’t know that that’s ever been discussed or would even be talked about. I’m sure if he’s wanting to play, then his expectation is that [to start].  So where that is, and how that transpires, I think, as you said, Jerry and some of those other guys will get together. They’re intelligent, they’re going to think it through, and they’re going to do what’s best for both of them.

Skip, however, isn’t so sure Jerry Jones will make the best decision for the Cowboys, as he believes Romo is the one player who might break the Dallas owner.

As for where Romo might end up if he’s traded from the Cowboys, Broncos linebacker and former Romo teammate DeMarcus Ware wouldn’t mind being reunited in Denver:

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