Why the Cowboys LB Sean Lee decided to pass on a $2M bonus

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee clearly plays football for more reasons than money.

Lee, who made the decision to sit out Sunday’s game because of a tweaked hamstring, cost himself a chance to trigger a $2 million bonus in his contract.

If Lee were to play 80 percent of the Cowboys’ defensive snaps, he’d earn the extra money. Entering Sunday’s game, Lee had played 82 percent of the team’s defensive snaps, Pro Football Talk reported. By sitting out, his percent dropped below the needed 80 percent for the bonus.

"It was me who decided to not play," Lee said. "I didn’t feel like I would be effective enough to help the football team.

"I’m not going to disrespect my coaches and be out there not playing the right way."

Lee is in the second year of a six-year deal worth up to $42 million dollars.