Dallas Cowboys: Mark Cuban Buys Into Minority Ownership Role

In a move no one saw coming Dallas Mavericks owner and celebrity billionaire Mark Cuban bought into a minority ownership role with the Dallas Cowboys

Mark Cuban finally gave up on owning a baseball team, but has decided instead to invest heavily in the NFL. He did so by striking an unexpected and high-priced deal with his NFL neighbors, the Dallas Cowboys. In a move completely out of left field, Cuban purchased what amounts to a reported 10 percent interest in the franchise for an estimated $455 million, according to markcubanboughtthecowboys.com.

It’s a ton of money for a small interest, but with the team currently estimated to be worth $4 billion, it isn’t like Cuban overpaid too much. He probably is also happy to have such an open and shut deal, which came with none of the negative media attention and backlash from commissioners like he had when he previously tried to get into Major League Baseball ownership.

Cuban once tried to acquire the Texas Rangers as well as the Chicago Cubs. His poor relationship with the commissioner of the league at the time, Bud Selig, soured those attempts and Cuban vowed to be done with such endeavors back in 2011.

Currently Cuban’s role with the Cowboys is as just an investor. With owner Jerry Jones fully entrenched as the master of all things Cowboys, there really isn’t a ton of room for an owner to give much more input. His son Stephen Jones is also heavily involved in the player acquisition portion of the team and his daughter Charlotte Anderson is the media expert. Still, Cuban believes there is a chance he may be able to learn from the Jones regime and potentially turn his new minority stake into being the majority owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

In the meantime, though, part of his new ownership agreement is a seat at the 50-yard line behind the benches that also comes with a megaphone so that Ed Hochuli and the rest of the NFL refs can hear about what they obviously missed and messed up.

The team has scheduled a press conference in the evening of April 1 to say that this was all an April Fool’s Joke. Hopefully everyone made it through the brief moments of thinking that Cuban was now about to help run things for the Boys and has a great day of pranking those you care about.

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