Skip Bayless reacts to Jerry Jones saying Cowboys’ offense was ‘built for’ Tony Romo

The biggest story of the offseason is undoubtedly the future of Tony Romo. He’s not likely to remain in Dallas, and his landing spot for 2017 could greatly shake up the landscape of the NFL next season. Just about any team he goes to will immediately become a Super Bowl contender, which is why the Cowboys have to handle the situation with grace.

There are several teams that have been tossed around as possible suitors, but there’s always the chance that he remains in Dallas. Although that’s highly unlikely, his dedication to the Cowboys and his desire to win a ring there could play a factor – as will Jerry Jones’ feelings.

Jones said this week that he’s still not sure how the situation will unfold, but did acknowledge that the Cowboys’ offense was built for Romo.

“The team we have, especially the offensive side, was built for Tony,” Jones said, via The Dallas Morning News. “This is what it is. It’s a juncture we have to address. I don’t know how ultimately we will resolve this and nobody should be alarmed because you don’t have all the answers.”

On Tuesday’s “Undisputed,” Skip Bayless reacted to Jones’ comments and once again stated his belief that Romo will be Dallas’ starter in Week 1.

“I called this several weeks back. I told you Jerry Jones is going to re-install Tony Romo at quarterback and start him on opening day next season. I know Jerry and I know what he’s up to.”

Skip continued to describe what he believes is Jones’ plan for Romo, and what he’s doing to Cowboys fans in the process.

“What he’s doing is, he’s laying the groundwork. He’s planting the seeds, he’s conditioning Cowboys fans to prepare themselves for the inevitable: Tony Romo returns at quarterback for the Cowboys. … Jerry is going to mess this up, because Jerry can’t help himself.”

Shannon Sharpe echoed Bayless’ comments about Jones potentially keeping Romo, and thus screwing up the entire situation.

“He keeps reaffirming what I’ve said all along: He views Tony Romo as his son. And cutting Tony Romo, trading Tony Romo would be like jettisoning his son Stephen Jones. … I think he’s talking himself out of trading Tony Romo. Because he keeps telling you this offense is built for him.”

In all likelihood, the Cowboys will probably cut Romo at some point rather than paying him more than Dak Prescott just to be his backup. With his current contract, it’s not exactly feasible for the Cowboys to keep both on the roster and still have room to sign free agents on the defensive side of the ball.