Cowherd: Jerry Jones’ latest Tony Romo comments are bad for business

Jerry Jones’ struggle with declaring the Dallas Cowboys to be Dak Prescott’s team was a season-long soap opera —€” until Tony Romo stepped up and did it for him.

Now, even as it increasingly looks like Romo is destined to leave Dallas if he wants to be a starting QB again, the Cowboys owner seems to be trying to find a way for him to contribute to a possible Super Bowl run.

"I wanna do what gives us the best chance to have Tony contribute to a championship," Jones said this week on his radio show.

Colin Cowherd thinks the Cowboys owner is having another serious lapse in judgment.

"That’s friendship, that’s not football. That’s not business," Cowherd said on Wednesday’s "The Herd" in the video above. "That’s not business. That’s ‘I want to somehow insert Tony Romo into our championship run.’ You’re doing that for friendship, you’re not doing that for football."

Cowherd says as much as Bill Belichick loves Tom Brady, he’d never say something similar if he were in Jones’ position. He’d be focused on what’s best for business, not friendship.

"If you’re going to play Tony, play him Week 16 to showcase his talent for other teams so you can trade him," Cowherd said.

Colin isn’t the only one concerned with Jones’ comments this week. Skip Bayless also took the Cowboys owner to task Wednesday on "Undisputed." Watch what he said in the video below: