Buzz: Hindsight for Jerry Jones

The New Orleans Saints pounded the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night,

in large part because of a stifling performance by the Saints

defense, which held the Cowboys to just nine first downs and 193

total yards (while the New Orleans offense racked up 625 yards of

its own).

Appropriately, the architect of that Saints D, which has

undergone one of the most dramatic one-year turnarounds

you’ll ever see, is former Dallas defensive coordinator Rob

Ryan. Ryan was just fired by Dallas in January, so naturally,

Sunday night’s showing has Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looking

and feeling kind of silly.


target="_blank">Speaking with the Dallas Morning News after

Sunday’s loss, Jones admitted that the decision to fire Ryan

isn’t looking too smart at the moment.

“We thought that it was best for us to go in the direction

that we are and that doesn’t look good right now,”

Jones told the paper. “Hopefully we can make it look good.

But I have all the feelings that you have anytime you want to look

back at a decision, and I realize when some of them work you have

to have a few things go along with it, and candidly we’re

having some of the same things that Rob had last year.

“He had a lot of people, frankly; to be fair to Rob, he

lost a lot of guys on defense (because of injuries). We’ve

lost more this year. That’s the game, though; that’s

the NFL.”

As if that’s not enough, Jones also heaped enormous praise

onto Ryan, making it clear that he’s not exactly thrilled

with the job Monte Kiffin has done so far.

“We had our reasons for making our change, and Sean

(Payton) did a good job of getting Rob down here,” Jones told

the Dallas Morning News. “He’s as smart as he can be.

He’s from an outstanding football bloodline. That’s why

we hired him two years ago with the Cowboys is because he’s

that good of a football coach.”

Ryan, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to miss Dallas as much as

Dallas misses him. He was busy buying drinks for fans — and

maybe a guy in a Cowboys hat? — at Ms. Mae’s after the


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