Jason Witten writes an epic goodbye letter to Tony Romo

Jason Witten wrote a fond farewell to his Dallas Cowboys teammate DeMarcus Ware when the veteran linebacker retired last month, but that was nothing compared to the goodbye letter he wrote to Tony Romo.

Witten and Romo were teammates on the Cowboys for 13 seasons, hooking up for 37 touchdowns until Romo announced his retirement this week. On Saturday, Witten posted a long, heartfelt tribute to “one of the great signal-callers of his era.”

From Witten’s epic ode:

“While history might remember 9 for the wins and losses, as a Houdini-like playmaker, the epic 4th quarter comebacks, the lack of playoff wins or the Brett Favre-esque no-look passes, I will always remember much more. No man can write his own history, and I tend to believe that over time the historians will remember Tony as one of the great signal-callers of his era.

“For me, I will remember the ultra-driven athlete who worked his tail off to learn how to perfect the proper throwing motion. The player who would stand at the chalk board tirelessly thinking through and dissecting how to block-up a brutal Jim Johnson blitz. A guy who would take command of the line of scrimmage with the authority of a 5-star military general all while having the charisma of Joe Namath and the competitive fire of Michael Jordan.”

Romo replied by telling his tight end: “Gonna miss u the most”.

These two seem destined to share a broadcast booth someday. It probably won’t be anytime soon, though: The Cowboys signed Witten to a four-year extension last month.