Sunday’s blow-up shows Hardy not getting Garrett’s message

FOX cameras on Sunday showed Dez Bryant and Greg Hardy feuding on the sideline after what proved to be Dwayne Harris’ game-winning 100-yard kick-return touchdown for the Giants in New York’s 27-20 win at home.

What wasn’t shown on TV, but was evident from a clip tweeted by Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News (since deleted), was Bryant engaged Hardy after Hardy yelled at, and shoved, members of his own team. NBC showed video Sunday night that revealed Hardy’s initial target was special teams coach Rich Bisaccia. Hardy took a swipe at Bisaccia’s play chart and then got nose-to-nose with him.

Bryant was trying to calm Hardy down. That’s interesting, considering Bryant was the one who needed calming two years ago when he was ranting on the sideline during a loss to the Lions.

But Bryant never pushed any of his teammates or coaches the way Hardy did on Sunday. He yelled and gestured, and NFL Films audio revealed later that week he was trying to encourage Romo for much of the game. Even if Hardy was saying similar things (we don’t know because he refused to answer any questions in the postgame locker room), there’s no reason to put your hands on the guys wearing the same colored jerseys. That’s just dumb.

Hardy’s sideline antics ignored everything Jason Garrett had told his team when he took them to the World Trade Center on Friday. Garrett told his players about the resilience of the first responders and those who helped rebuild the area. He wanted his players to act that way.


Hardy ignored that request.

Hardy got into a confrontation with a teammate in the spring during workouts, so maybe it’s not surprising he was getting after several of them on Sunday. It’s yet another example of questionable behavior the Cowboys should consider before deciding whether to give Hardy a contract extension beyond this season.

Since they clearly didn’t consider it before signing him this year.