Report: 10-year-old jobbed out of PS4 because he is Detroit Lions fan

The Detroit Lions feel like they were jobbed –€“ actually, twice –“ against the Dallas Cowboys in their wild-card playoff game on Sunday.

Well, they have company in a 10-year-old boy, who seemingly was rooked out of a PS4 after winning a game of musical chairs before the contest.

According to, a family from Amarillo took their son, Roman, to the game. The tickets were a surprise from the youngster’s grandmother, who knew Roman was a huge Lions fan.

Roman reportedly took part in the game and won. Or seemingly won, but the MC noticed he was in Lions garb and decided to have another round.

This time, a Cowboys fan won and Roman was given a Batman DVD while the "winner" received the PS4.

According to KISSFSM969, Roman’s family then talked to the staff and after 10 minutes they handed Roman a Led Zeppelin CD. First of all, Roman won the contest fair and square. The family said "It’s not about the prizes, it’s about how they cheated Roman out because he was a Lions fan."

The Lions know the feeling, having had the NFL say the officials failed them on two calls in the contest.