Cowboys cheerleaders root for reality stars

While the Dallas Cowboys are gearing up for the start of the NFL season, the team’s cheerleaders are keeping busy with a project of their own. The squad is the subject of the CMT reality series Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team, now entering its eighth season. To drum up publicity for the upcoming season premiere, several members of the squad embarked on a media tour of the Los Angeles talk show circuit.

Someone in Cowboys Land thought it might be a good idea for the ladies to swing by Kris, a new afternoon talk show hosted by Kardashian Klan leader Kris Jenner — an odd move, considering Kris isn’t so much a talk show as it is another outlet for Jenner to promote her famous family and their many "talents." (Or, lack-thereof.)

Jenner’s daughter Khloe, wife to former Lakers favorite and current Clippers benchwarmer Lamar Odom, also made an appearance on the show — and that’s when things got weird. With little context available to tie the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and a Kardashian together, Kris‘ producers cobbled together an awkward segment in which Jenner and Kardashian donned sumo suits and wrestled in front of a live audience while the cheerleaders stood by and, well, cheered.

Here’s the squad posing with Jenner and Kardashian before they knew what they were getting themselves into.

Luckily, these ladies won’t have to trade in their Cowboys uniforms for Team Kardashian gear any time soon.