Cowherd: Cowboys easily can win this year’s NFL Draft

Here’s the best NFL Draft news for Cowboys fans since "Dallas does NOT draft Johnny Manziel".

Colin Cowherd says the Cowboys easily can win the draft in April. With nine picks, including the No. 4 overall, Jerry Jones & Co. are holding all the cards, he says.

The biggest key is at QB. "There are only two quarterbacks in this draft that everybody agrees is good," Cowherd said on "The Herd" on Thursday. At No. 4, behind Tennessee (Mariota), Cleveland (no QB) and San Diego (Rivers), Dallas is in prime position to pick one of those two, Jared Goff or Carson Wentz.

But the Cowboys have Romo. And while injuries cut his season short last year, Jones has said Romo can play another few years. Jones also reportedly told at least one draft analyst that "he will unequivocally not take a quarterback at No. 4."

However, Cowherd points out that the Cowboys could take a QB and then cash in by trading him.

"Six teams in this league today need a franchise quarterback," Cowherd said.

Beyond QB, Cowherd says the draft is rich with what other needs the Cowboys have to fill: specifically cornerback, defensive tackle and pass rusher.

"It’s a tremendous draft for defensive linemen. There could be nine taken in the first round," Cowherd said.

And while the Cowboys have a need at running back, Cowherd says they don’t necessarily need to fill it through the draft.

"Look around the NFL right now. Most of the running backs not named Todd Gurley that are flourishing in this league aren’t first- and second-round picks," Cowherd said. "So what Dallas needs, there’s a lot of."