Daily Dawg Tags: Dreams of a Browns Super Bowl berth

The Cleveland Browns have once again not been a part of the Super Bowl festivities, but fans in Cleveland have a lot to look forward to in 2017.

The Super Bowl took place on Sunday, and once again the Cleveland Browns were once again not a part of the February festivities.

It is no surprise that the Browns were not in the Super Bowl, but the annual championship game was a reminder of how far the team has to go before the franchise returns to greatness.

The Super Bowl may be an annual reminder of how far the Browns are away from a championship, but the current process seems to be trending upward. That and more in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns news:

Dreaming of a Browns Super Bowl appearance

Football fans in Cleveland are gearing up to watch a football game today, although the Cleveland Browns are nowhere near involved.

Cleveland Browns mock draft: All defense edition

It is hard to underestimate just how poorly the Cleveland Browns defense was during the 2016 season.

Cleveland Browns are set at the right tackle position

The Cleveland Browns offensive line looked bad last year. There was constant pressure and hits on the quarterbacks leading to multiple quarterback injuries.

What we learned from Kyle Shanahan (Dawgs by Nature)

Leading up to the Super Bowl this week, members of the local media were able to get Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to talk about his time with the Cleveland Browns and what led to his departure.

NFL news:

Patriots erase deficit, defeat Falcons in Super Bowl LI (NFL.com)

It looked to be a blowout, but it was far from that by the time Super Bowl LI ended.

Super Bowl 51: Score, highlights, recap (FanSided)

Super Bowl 51 is being held on Feb. 5. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have earned the right to compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

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