Cowboys fans beat up Packers fan inside AT&T Stadium (Video)

Some Dallas Cowboys fans are not taking their playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers well. Here are a few Cowboys fans beating up a poor Packers fan.

The Dallas Cowboys lost a soul-crushing game to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night 34-31. Dallas saw its 13-3 season full of promise fade away into nothing after a made 50-yard Mason Crosby field goal as time expired.

This kick sent the Packers to the 2016 NFC Championship where they will play the Atlanta Falcon in the Georgia Dome for the second time this season. It hurts, but that’s football. Add in that fans in attendance of this NFC Divisional Round game had to be kept inside AT&T Stadium because of a tornado in the area and weird stuff like this happens.

In the AT&T Stadium concourse, three Cowboys fans in the middle of everybody decide to bully a Packers fan by humiliating him with a furious, uncalled for beating. Way to lose with dignity, Dallas.

Maybe the Packers fan said something? Or not, that was a tough loss for Dallas to swallow. Nevertheless, beating somebody up in front of thousands of people in the AT&T Stadium concourse in the middle of a tornado won’t sit with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jones’ crown jewel just hosted one of the best divisional round playoff games in recent memory. Though the Cowboys didn’t come out on top, it would have been really classy to let that Packers fan go.

Take that back. The Packers fan can’t really go anywhere because there is a tornado warning going on outside AT&T Stadium. The whole fight looks stupid, but hey, at least there is a viral video of three Cowboys fans pummeling a Packers fan so that’s cool. That’s not a good luck at all.

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