Could the Jets really go back to Ryan Fitzpatrick?

As the New York Jets head into a much-needed bye week, there is a slight possibility they will go back to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick come Week 12. Whether he’s fully healthy of not, the Jets need to stop with this nonsense.

The New York Jets simply don’t understand reality these days. Sure, they lost yet another game in Week 10 action against the Los Angeles Rams but should continue starting quarterback Bryce Petty from here on out.

After their Week 11 bye, the Jets have a date at home against the New England Patriots. Make no mistake about it, the Jets will have their hands full playing one of the best teams in the NFL. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a complete and utter disaster all season long yet the Jets haven’t decided to name their starting quarterback for Week 12.

Considering Fitzpatrick is also dealing with a knee injury, it’s unclear why the Jets would continue starting an abysmal quarterback. At least with Petty, the Jets would continue having more game film on him for the future. It also should be worth mentioning that the experience alone would continue to develop Petty to lead this team in the future.

The Jets continue to be so bad on the football field that decisions like this really question what exactly is going on behind closed doors. It’s common sense in football that if you have a quarterback that leads the entire NFL in interceptions at 13, you bench him. Fitzpatrick doesn’t deserve to start and still won’t give the Jets a better chance to beat the Patriots.

This franchise is so bad this year, nothing will save them from the complete onslaught coming their way thanks to Tom Brady and company. The Jets have many glaring problems across the team, going back to Fitzpatrick if he’s healed up would be one of the dumbest decisions made.

It’s clear this season is over and it’s best to give Petty as much experience possible to have a real evaluation on him. Can he lead this team in the future? Can he be a leader of men making this offense click on all cylinders? Does Petty have what it takes to be a successful franchise quarterback?

The jury is still out on Petty but clarity, which is crucially important in this case, is a top priority. The Jets need to stop being so delusional with Fitzpatrick and continue to start Petty from here on out. Fitzpatrick is done and just like this entire season for the Jets, it’s time to focus on the future.

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