Could Nick Mangold end up on injured reserve?

As the New York Jets prepare for their Week 12 game against the New England Patriots, things aren’t looking so good for center Nick Mangold.

As one of the cornerstones on the offensive line of the New York Jets, center Nick Mangold has seen it all. He’s been there when the Jets were at a high point in franchise history and especially during the usual tough times.

Mangold has always been a consistent member of the Jets offensive line and unfortunately, is looking more and more like his time on the team is coming to an end. It’s not easy facing such a difficult decision if it’s worth to keep playing but age and injuries catch up to everyone.

As Mangold entered his tenth season in the NFL this year, over the past few years he’s been dealing with injuries. He continues to play well but has now missed several games this season and isn’t able to fully practice.

Could Mangold find himself on the injured reserve list at some point this year? It’s not likely just yet as recently, head coach Todd Bowles chimed in on this topic. Check out what he had to say, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

On if he’s considering placing Mangold on injured reserve…

Not yet, but we’ll have to talk about it if he doesn’t get any better.

On if Mangold’s injury is improving…

For me, if you’re not practicing, you’re not improving. I haven’t seen him run yet so I’d have to say no. He’s not in a boot but at the same time, he’s not doing anything that I see.

On if he has more clarity on Mangold’s injury…

I don’t think I have any more clarity on it. They just said his ankle was real sore and he had trouble walking at first and they put him back in the boot and he came out of the boot now, so, we’re still taking it, honestly, day-by-day.

On whether surgery is an option for Mangold…

Not at this time. I haven’t talked to the trainers about it. They haven’t said anything about it. We’ll talk going forward and see.

On the point, he would consider discussing placing Mangold on injured reserve…

(I would) probably have to see how close he is to returning or doing some things, and I’d have to listen to the advice of the doctors and the trainers and just go forward from there.

On if Mangold has a high ankle sprain…

They just told me it was an ankle sprain. It was a bad ankle sprain.

Overall, here’s to Mangold healing up quickly over time but unfortunately, the injured reserve list would make sense in the grand scheme of things. This is a lost season for the Jets as it’s best to shut him down for the year and let him do whatever it takes for his career to continue being a bright one if he decides to keep going.

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