Corey Dillon Says Marvin Lewis Needs To Go

Former Bengals running back, Corey Dillon, left Cincinnati with a chip on his shoulder. He recently summed up the problem with his old team.

There are only so many times it can be said. But, when former players start to weigh in on the matter, it may be time to listen. Former Bengals running back Corey Dillon expressed his feelings on Marvin Lewis and the results weren’t shocking. After having played under Lewis, the four-time Pro Bowler wasn’t shy about his opinion. Dillon talked to TMZ Sports about his former coach and Cincinnati’s dilemma.

Dillon was adamant about the talent obtained through great drafts and how the end results don’t make sense. The amazing revelation of what was said is the same mantra that has been floating around Cincinnati for years. Many fans and analysts are in agreement about the destiny of Lewis and how things should be handled. But, for some reason, the memo seems to be getting lost in translation with Mike Brown. 

The cutting part of Dillon’s dissection of the Bengals was his reference to playing with New England.

“Come on man, I won more playoff games in three years with the Patriots than he’s won. So you do the math on that.” 

There’s really no need to do the math. It’s not rocket science. Bengals fans have been on the same wavelength since last year’s playoff meltdown. Bengals ownership should have parted ways with Lewis long ago. When it comes to searching out talent, the man is a bloodhound. Along with Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin, Lewis and the Bengals have amassed a storehouse of weapons. The players look formidable on paper. But, the dots just aren’t connecting.

Dillon Also Addressed The Coaching Staff

“Lot of great talent, but it’s just not adding up. I don’t know what the problem is. They should be in the equation every year, but they’re not. If you’ve got talent, and it’s not getting processed into the playoffs and winning playoff games, you gotta start looking at the staff. And seeing what’s going on there. Cause you got the talent, it ain’t like you don’t have the players.”

Unfortunately, this is a year that they may not be in the equation. Cincinnati is still in the hunt for a berth. But, Dillon means something else. Lewis has taken the Bengals on a series of one-and-done postseason adventures. Not one of his seven trips to the dance has ended with at least a foray into the Divisional round.

The Bengals have been loaded with talent for a few years. So, fans calling for Marvin’s head isn’t new. If the nucleus has been there, it’s time to look at the men who run the show. It’s time to look at the man behind the curtain to find out what levers are being pulled.

Dillon calmly mentioned that the Bengals need someone with new ideas and a fresh approach to coaching. Translation: It’s time for Marvelous Marv to go. Change doesn’t mean an unceremonious firing. Lewis has built a winning tradition in Cincinnati. But, if that’s what it takes, promote him to any position that doesn’t involve coaching. He’s too soft. A player’s coach.

As I’ve stated before, football players can be big kids. They have to be ruled by men who demand respect. At this point, all respect for Marvin Lewis is gone. The players say it’s not true. But, the results are in.

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